Critical Thinking: Do Some People Alternate Between Being A Victim And A Perpetrator?
Critical Thinking: Do Some People Alternate Between Being A Victim And A Perpetrator?

If somebody somehow happened to hear the words ‘casualty’ and ‘culprit’, they may have a smart thought about what these words mean. Maybe one of their companions has been seeing someone they were defrauded, for example.

Nearer to Home

On the other hand, they may know somebody who has exploited others previously and keeps on doing as such right up ’til the present time. What’s more, they may have been in no less than one relationship where they were dealt with unjustifiably.

It could be far more regrettable, however, as one could be involved with somebody who treats them gravely. Nonetheless, assuming regardless of whether one can’t review a period in their life when they have been with anybody like this and neither have any of their companions, it doesn’t imply that they won’t have found out about individuals who have.

Different Sources

For instance, one may have had discussions with individuals who were with somebody who was oppressive. One might say that this comes down to the way that it isn’t phenomenal for someone else who be seeing someone is damaging.

Alongside what one will have heard in reality, there can likewise be what they have gone over on the web. Also, in this day and age, there are a lot of individuals online who depict themselves as casualties.

The Two Worlds

At the point when this happens, somebody can state that they are being exploited by different utilization on the web, and they can state this is the thing that happens when they are disconnected. In the meantime, on the off chance that one can identify with this, they will presumably consider themselves to be a casualty.

In this way, it isn’t only that they are dealt with gravely by others; it is that they are totally unprotected and defenceless. The general population ‘out there’ are they going to have it in for them, and there is literally nothing that they can do about it.

An Imbalance

Other individuals are then going to have the ability to would whatever they like to them, and it is then going to be splendidly typical for them to feel feeble. In any case, on the off chance that one doesn’t trust this identifies with pretty much everybody and that it just identifies with specific individuals, it could demonstrate that they have become tied up with ‘personality governmental issues’.

If so, not exclusively will one consider themselves to be in effect totally frail; they will likewise have the ethical high ground. This is probably going to demonstrate that one is a lady, or they could consider themselves to be by and a large piece of a minority.

Highly contrasting

The purpose behind this is the point at which one has gotten tied up with ‘personality legislative issues’, they are probably going to trust that white men are the culprits. Subsequently, the general population who have a place with different gatherings are the casualties.

In this way, as every white man have all the power and one is defrauded by them, they will be ethically predominant for not carrying on similarly. On account of this, it is one’s status as a casualty that enables them to encounter a feeling of control over their life.

An Indirect Approach

Presently, plainly this wouldn’t enable them to carry on with a genuinely engaged life, yet what it will do is enable them to get consideration, endorsement and assets from others. One is then accepting things without giving anything consequently.

However, as they are defenceless casualties who have no power over their lives, it is quite reasonable that the general population who are ‘holding them down’ give them what they require. Because of how somebody like this sees themselves and how they introduce themselves to the world, it could be anything but difficult to state this is something that is high contrast.

A Closer Look

In any case, paying little heed to whether one becomes tied up with ‘personality governmental issues’ or not, it doesn’t imply that they will dependably act in this way. There could be different minutes when they swap parts and seem to be a culprit.

What’s more, on the off chance that somebody focuses on the general population who consider themselves to be casualties on the web; they may find that there are minutes when they are just excessively cheerful, making it impossible to hurt someone else. All things considered, they can legitimize this conduct, by saying that they are recovering their own.

The Real World

On the off chance that one tends to wind up with individuals who are damaging, there could likewise be minutes when they appear to be harsh. It would then be able to appear as if they just have two ways or carrying on: acting like a casualty or acting like a culprit.

The way that there is another path for them to encounter life won’t strike them; this could be the manner by which they have carried on for whatever length of time that they can recall. With the end goal for one to change their conduct, it may be essential for them to investigate what occurred when they were more youthful.

A Deeper Look

This may have been a period when they were raised by no less than one individual who was oppressive. One would then have been a casualty and they would have been around somebody who was a culprit.

Subsequently, this may have set them up to trust that they just have two alternatives; to either be a casualty or to exploit others. The previous would influence them to feel frail, however, the last would enable them to feel effective.

The False-Self

However, regardless of on the off chance that they relate to the piece of themselves that feels like a casualty or the piece of them that needs to deceive others, they are still made up for lost time in their own injury. Their actual self, the piece of them that doesn’t feel feeble, has not possessed the capacity to see the light of day.

Eventually, carrying on like a casualty is probably going to be what feels safe at a more profound level and, until this progressions, their conduct is probably not going to change. The injury inside them will make a specific reverberation that attracts to them the sort of encounters that coordinate with how they felt as a youngster.


What this underscores is the manner by which vital it is for somebody to have the capacity to venture back and to think about what is occurring inside them. Through doing this, they will be able to perceive how their outside world is an impression of their inward world.

For the time being, it can be greatly excruciating for somebody to look up such that they are having on their existence. In the long haul, it will enable them to mend the torment that is inside them and to change their life.

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