The Great Antidote to Entitlement
The Great Antidote to Entitlement

I sincerely detest it when Millennials are assaulted for being entitled. The basic certainty is we’re living in an entitled world. None of us, regardless of our age, is safe to feeling entitled.

Take me as a ‘for example.’ One of my greatest epiphanies came because of perusing John Townsend’s The Entitlement Cure. I had what Dr John calls a ‘pocket entitlement’ – it’s lined up with my identity. I’m an aide, so I get a kick out of the chance to be valued. When I’m not in a decent place I can tend to feel I merit appreciation. This isn’t beneficial to me or any other individual so far as that is concerned.

I found that the word ‘merit’ sits at the core of entitlement. In case we’re straightforward, we recognize we as a whole have hallowed aspects of our lives where exceptional standards of entitlement apply – icons of the heart where, when others transgress, it brings out outrage inside us. These are peril zones where sin sneaks needing to stay shrouded, holding up to be guarded, justifying assurance. We ensure symbols to our inevitable risk.

In any case, I have discovered the long haul, feasible cure entitlement… Dr John gabs in his book about what are the side-effects of this thing. What’s more, there are such a large number of! Its vast majority could be summed up in the idea of assuming liability, however, there is something more hyper-applicable.

The great antidote to entitlement is appreciation.

It is difficult to merit anything when we’re appreciative.

Truly, obviously, that we don’t merit anything. We really merit not as much as nothing. (Indeed, obviously, God knows we have requirements and He gives.) But in our entitled age, we don’t care to peruse that we don’t merit anything.

Along these lines, let me complete on the positive:

The more we draw in our profound muscles in appreciation, the less we will be bound by entitlement, and the more we will be a gift to others. Steady Christians are profoundly appreciative individuals.

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