Change Your Odds of Winning: Dinger Tips
Change Your Odds of Winning: Dinger Tips

This article probably wont change your life, but it might change your day! Follow these tips I use to do better whether it is at an online or offline casino. Just remember the only way to not lose is to simply not play.

Dinger Tip #1: Change Your Attitude, Change Your Win Rate.

If you go in with a negative attitude, then you will leave with a negative ROI. And the opposite, of course applies. If you think you are going to win then you most likely will.

Dinger Tip #2: Change Your Bet to Win More!

Bet the most that your bankroll can handle. Nobody wants to be the winner of a 12 dollar jackpot….nobody. Balance your bets against your bankroll to maximize the outcome of your dinger outing.

Dinger Tip #3: Change Machines.

If a machine isn’t showing you any love, pick another one! Or, for that matter, change Casinos. Depending on where your playing location, you may or not have options to move casinos, but if you can sometimes a fresh start and new dingers may be the answer to a winning rather than losing session.

Dinger Tip #4: Beat the Odds

Choose your machine wisely. If you are playing in a land based casino then choose a machine by the change machine, cashier or entrance. The loosest dingers are usually there to encourage people by other winning when they are getting ready to play. If your playing online chose games that have a big jackpot, no one wants to win a 12 dollar jackpot.

Dinger Tip #5: Set a Number to Walk Away

You should set a win-stop and loss-stop number. I usually choose a win-stop number of 5x the loss-stop number. This ratio need to vary depending on the player. Some people may even choose a 1 to 1 ratio.

In the End….

Enjoy Dinger and the casinos that house them as a fun way to spend a night or weekend with or with out your friends. But remember to play responsibly, and within your limits.

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